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Top 15 Pickleball Tournaments to Compete In

by Kristina Tamas on October 30, 2023

Pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in the United States and beyond, has taken the sports world by storm. As the sport's popularity continues to soar, so does the number of pickleball tournaments available for players to compete in. If you're passionate about pickleball and looking to test your skills on the court, you'll find no shortage of exciting tournaments to participate in. In this article, we'll explore an extended list of some of the best pickleball tournaments from around the world that offer thrilling competition and unforgettable experiences.

The Best Pickleball Tournaments

Minto US Open Pickleball Championships

The Minto US Open Pickleball Championships, as previously mentioned, is a pinnacle event in the pickleball calendar. Held annually in Naples, Florida, it attracts top talent from around the globe. With divisions for players of all skill levels and age groups, this tournament is the perfect place to make your mark in the world of pickleball.

PPA Championship

The PPA Championship is a must-attend event for those aiming to break into the professional pickleball circuit. The competition is fierce, and the stakes are high, making it an ideal venue for players looking to take their game to the next level. Whether you're competing in singles or doubles, the PPA Championship promises thrilling matches and valuable experience.

USA Pickleball National Championships

The USA Pickleball National Championships, hosted in Indian Wells, California, is another prestigious event that should be on every serious pickleball player's radar. This tournament offers an incredible platform to compete against some of the best players in the nation. Regardless of your skill level, you'll find a suitable category to showcase your talent.

APP New York City Open

If you're seeking a unique blend of high-level competition and urban adventure, the APP New York City Open is an excellent choice. Playing pickleball against the backdrop of the bustling metropolis is an experience like no other. This tournament provides an opportunity to test your skills while exploring the vibrant streets of the Big Apple.

Tournament of Champions

Set amidst the natural beauty of Brigham City, Utah, the Tournament of Champions offers a refreshing and friendly pickleball experience. It caters to players of all skill levels, providing an inclusive atmosphere for competition. If you're looking for a tournament where you can enjoy the game while appreciating the stunning Utah landscape, this event is for you.

The International Indoor Pickleball Championships

Indoor pickleball enthusiasts should not miss the International Indoor Pickleball Championships in Centralia, Washington. With its controlled environment and various skill-level divisions, this tournament offers a unique and challenging indoor pickleball experience.

USAPA Nationals

The USAPA Nationals, sanctioned by the USA Pickleball Association, is an annual event that brings together players from across the nation. Known for its competitive spirit and camaraderie, this tournament allows you to represent your region while competing on a national stage.

Pickleball tournament

US Open Pickleball Championships

Similar in name but distinct in location from the Minto US Open, the US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples, Florida, is another premier pickleball event. It offers world-class facilities and attracts top talent from around the world. This tournament provides an unparalleled opportunity to compete against some of the finest pickleball players globally.

The Lakes Spring Fling

For a relaxed yet competitive pickleball experience amidst the tranquil desert backdrop of Palm Desert, California, look no further than The Lakes Spring Fling. With its range of skill divisions and welcoming community, this tournament allows players to enjoy the sport while basking in the serene desert surroundings.

International Pickleball Championship

The International Pickleball Championship is a globe-trotting tournament that takes place in various locations worldwide. Competing in this event offers a unique chance to not only test your skills on an international stage but also immerse yourself in diverse cultures and pickleball communities around the globe.

US Open Pickleball Championships - Atlanta, Georgia

Expanding its reach, the US Open Pickleball Championships also hosts a regional event in Atlanta, Georgia. This regional version captures the essence of the main event in Naples, offering exceptional competition and a vibrant atmosphere, but on a smaller scale.

Canadian Nationals Pickleball Championships

North of the border, the Canadian Nationals Pickleball Championships is a significant event for pickleball enthusiasts in Canada and beyond. This tournament gathers top talent from the country and provides an excellent opportunity to compete at a high level while experiencing Canada's rich pickleball community.

Pacific Northwest Classic

The Pacific Northwest Classic, held in Bend, Oregon, is a popular tournament in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region. This event attracts players from all over and offers a mix of competitive matches and a friendly, welcoming environment.

Men serving in pickleball

SoCal Classic

The SoCal Classic, based in Southern California, is another exciting pickleball tournament that draws players seeking sun, fun, and fierce competition. With various skill divisions and a vibrant pickleball scene, it's a must-visit event for players looking to enjoy the sport in a sunny and energetic setting.

Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships

If you're in search of a pickleball tournament with a tropical twist, the Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships in Indian Wells, California, is a fantastic choice. With its laid-back vibe and competitive spirit, this event combines the best of both worlds - pickleball and a beachy atmosphere.

Ready to Compete With Pros?

The world of pickleball tournaments is vast and exciting, offering opportunities for players of all levels to compete, learn, and grow. These tournaments represent just a fraction of the incredible events available to pickleball enthusiasts. Whether you're dreaming of playing on the national stage, testing your skills in an international setting, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of fellow pickleball lovers, there's a tournament out there for you.

Prepare for some thrilling matches, and embark on your pickleball tournament journey. Your next pickleball adventure awaits!

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