7 Celebrities Who Love Playing Pickleball

by Kristina Tamas on September 18, 2023

Once restricted to humble beginnings, pickleball has left its mark on various places worldwide and beyond. A broad mix of tennis, badminton, and ping pong has made this game appealing to both common enthusiasts and famous figures. Encompassing a broad cross-section of society, pickleball has emerged as a beloved hobby for the wealthy, famous, and ordinary. Let's plunge into the thrilling realm of celebrity pickleball aficionados and investigate their fervent enthusiasm for this sport and its growing influence among the masses.

Ellen DeGeneres: Mirth and Jabs in Symmetry


Combining her signature wit, Ellen DeGeneres plays pickleball with glee. Ellen's social media updates give fans a peek into her pickleball adventures, infusing the game with an element of fun and levity. Thanks to its embraced accessible nature, pickleball has become a sport for all.

Bill Gates: Paddles Align, Mighty Tech Titan Battles

Adept at both technology and pickleball, Bill Gates displays his well-rounded skillset. At pickleball gatherings and competitions, Gates hones his strategic skills and fierce competition on the court. Involvement in pickleball confirms the sport's intergenerational allure, defying age limitations.

Bill Gates


Michael Phelps: Gold Medallist Returns to Form with Swing

Michael Phelps, the illustrious Olympian with the most medals, extends his dominance beyond the pool. Amplifying his competitive nature, pickleball has become the new platform where he faces off against renowned opponents. Phelps' inclusion underscores the diverse nature of pickleball, proving that athletes with varying backgrounds can take pleasure in its quickly-paced matches.


Leonardo DiCaprio: The Hollywood Icon Plunges into the Game

Adding pickleball to his repertoire, Leonardo DiCaprio, an accomplished actor, is now also a member of the celebrity athlete community. Demonstrating the broad popularity of the game, his involvement underscores the idea that it exceeds narrow demographics. Exposing sport's social and recreational aspects, DiCaprio's passion projects a light on the potential for cohesion.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Matthew Perry: From "Friends" to Fellow Players

Evolving from a renowned television personality to a pickleball enthusiast, Matthew Perry's talents now extend beyond the realm of comedy. Enthusiastically participating in games and competitions underscores the sport's potential for forging bonds and comradery. Perry's adventure sheds light on the powerful ability of pickleball to unite disparate individuals, bridging gaps and fostering a sense of community.


George Clooney: Hollywood Charisma and a Paddle

George Clooney, representation of Hollywood allure, is not only a celebrated actor but also an avid pickleball player. Exposure of pickleball's humanitarian side is catalyzed by his active participation in charitable events. The game gains dignity with Clooney's involvement, highlighting the transcendent nature of pickleball.

George Clooney


Larry Fitzgerald: How Pickleball Became a Natural Progression

Displaying impressive athletic prowess on both the gridiron and the pickleball court, NFL legend Larry Fitzgerald has made his mark. The engagement underscores the value of cross-training in the sport, advancing agility and coordination. Fitzgerald's conversion from one sport to another highlights pickleball's versatility and wide acceptance.


Featured Icons - Celebs and Their Passion for Pickleball

Celebrity endorsements aren't the only ones enjoying pickleball; numerous others are following their lead. A-list actors like Steve Carell, Jon Hamm, and Reese Witherspoon have played the game. Evidenced by their participation, pickleball crosses professional and cultural boundaries with incredible appeal.

Celebrities' involvement in pickleball extends beyond casual play; they relish competition and camaraderie on the court. Graded by Bill Gates' strategic moves and Ellen DeGeneres' comedic talents, the various aspects of the sport are skillfully exhibited. As they spread their love for pickleball, these stars propel its notice and accessibility. Open to everyone who seeks a dynamic and friendly game, pickleball welcomes diverse individuals. And if you are looking for pickleball jewelry, Born to Rally is the right place for you. Check out our products, from necklaces to charms.