The Best Pickleball Christmas Gifts

by Kristina Tamas on November 23, 2023

Welcome to our pickleball festive guide! 

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift for the pickleball enthusiast in your life can be a delightful challenge. Whether they're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our curated list of pickleball-themed gifts combines fun, practicality and style. We extracted some of our favorite pickleball christmas gifts that will certainly make your favorite pickleball players smile. Don't just take our word for it - ask our more than 3000 satisfied customers!

Let's dive into the world of pickleball and discover gifts that will make their Christmas special:

Top 12 Best Pickleball Christmas Gifts

Pickleball Cup

Pickleball Cup

Start your day with a smile and a sip from our 'Playing Pickleball Improves Memory' mug. This high-quality ceramic mug is not only durable but also a fun addition to your kitchen or office. It's a great conversation starter and a perfect gift for pickleball fans of all ages, adding a humorous touch to their daily routine. I don’t know any pickleball enthusiast who wouldn’t love to have this cup in ther collection!

Pickleball Towel

Pickleball Towel

Every pickleball player knows the value of a high-quality towel. Born to Rally towels are not just known for absorbent and durable material but also for a fun pickleball design. It’s a practical accessory for daily training sessions, offering both utility and a way to flaunt their passion for the sport. A thoughtful gift for players who like their practical needs met with a dash of style.

Pickleball Bag

Pickleball Bag

These pickleball bags are a daily essential for any player. Many of our customers expressed difficulty in finding the right bag to keep their gear organized - so we decided to create one! Spacious enough for all the gear - it has numerous compartments for paddles, towel, balls, keychains and other essential stuff for the game. Also, it’s light to carry, which make this bag perfect for regular games or tournaments. The unique designs add a flair of personality, making it a stylish choice for everyday use. It's an excellent gift for players who take their game seriously.

BONUS: Pickleball Bag + Cooling Towel

Pickleball Bag and Towel

We decided to create the perfect combination by designing a pickleball bag and towel bundle with matching patterns. The pickleball bag fits all the essentials, while the cooling towel offers instant relief after a heated match. It's a perfect set for players who are always on the move and appreciate the convenience and comfort.

Pickleball Cosmetic Bag

A cosmetic bag with a twist! This one’s for the pickleball enthusiast who loves to keep things organized, whether at the court or traveling. The durable material and chic design make it a versatile choice for daily use. You can use it for various things not only for cosmetics and makeup. A lot of our customers use it as a medicine kit, tech gadget holder or as a general small essential holder to keep their bag organized. 

BONUS: Pickleball Cosmetic Bag + Spa Set

Pampering after a pickleball match? Yes, please! This pickleball spa set, including a chic cosmetic bag, is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating. The salt bath and massage roller for muscle recovery, making this set a thoughtful gift for players who cherish their post-game relaxation as much as the game itself. 

Pickleball Hairties

Pickleball Hairties

Keep your focus sharp and your style on point with our pickleball hair ties. Designed to be gentle on the hair while providing a strong hold, they are perfect for maintaining focus during intense matches or practice sessions. These hair ties not only keep hair out of the way but also subtly showcase a love for pickleball. Ideal for players who value functionality and fashion on the court, these hair ties are an essential item for any pickleball player's gear.

Wine Tumblers

Pickleball Tumblers

Relax after a match with these elegant wine tumblers. They’re great for keeping drinks at the perfect temperature, whether it’s a post-match celebration or a quiet evening at home. The spill-proof design adds to their practicality, making them a fantastic gift for players who enjoy the finer things in life, both on and off the court.

Schh, we’ve created a few gift bundles with these tumblers, offering more gift options for pickleball enthusiasts - make sure you check them out at the end of the article!

Pickleball Socks

Pickleball Socks

Did you check out our pickleball socks collection? Made from luxurious bamboo fibers, these socks are not just comfortable and breathable but also stylish. They're ideal for both on and off the court, making a practical gift for pickleball players who value comfort and elegance in their everyday wear. And design? Oh, you have to check them out - they are adorable! There are a few designs to choose from, so be sure that your favorite pickleball player will get the one that fits his/her personality.

Pickleball Glasses

Sip your favorite drinks without worry with our shatterproof pickleball wine glasses. Perfect for outdoor gatherings, these glasses are durable, lightweight, and feature a unique pickleball paddle design. They're a must-have for any pickleball player who loves to host or attend social events. Make sure to check out BorntoRally drinkware collection - it’s a peace of heaven for someone who don’t like to separate pickleball and wine!

BONUS: Glasses + Tote

Pickleball accessories are not made only for the court - they can be used anywhere even on the picnic. This pickleball set includes a stylish wine tote and two shatterproof, stemless wine glasses, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures and social gatherings. A thoughtful gift for pickleball players who enjoy a good drink in style.

Pickleball Coasters

Pickleball Coasters

Protect your surfaces in style with our pickleball ceramic coasters. This 6-piece set not only guards against spills and stains but also adds a touch of pickleball flair to your home decor. Each coaster is a mini celebration of the sport, making them a great gift for players who love to bring their hobby into their living space.

Pickleball Notepads

Keep your post-game plans organized with our adorable pickleball notepad. Compact and handy, it’s perfect for jotting down tasks, notes, or goals. This notepad is a great addition to any pickleball player’s bag, ensuring they stay organized both on and off the court. There is also a mini notepad version, for those who love to keep their notes in the pocket!

Personalized Bottle Opener

Pickleball Keychain

Our personalized pickleball bottle opener keychain is all in one tool! Durable, stylish, and practical, it's an everyday accessory that's perfect for keeping keys organized and popping open a refreshing drink after a game. You can engrave the name on it, turning this simple tool into a special keepsake for any pickleball fan. It's not just about its practical use, it's about gifting something that celebrates the receivers love for the sport in a personal way. If you like practical gifts, check out more Born to Rally pickleball keychains.

Pickleball Ornaments

Pickleball Ornament

What better way to add a touch of pickleball to the holidays than with pickleball ornaments? These adorable ornaments are more than just festive, they're a daily reminder of love for the game. Durable and beautifully crafted, they're perfect for pickleball players who appreciate a blend of sport and holiday spirit in their daily decor. A subtle and delightful gift that will certainly make their Christmas better!

Special Offer - Pickleball Bundles

Dink Responsibly Gift Bundle

PIckleball tote, pickleball tumbler and pickleball bottle opener

Are you dink responsibly? Oh pardon, I meant drink?
This set is perfect for the pickleball enthusiast who enjoys a good laugh and a drink, the 'Dink Responsibly' Gift Bundle is a unique combination of fun and functionality. It's an ideal gift for those who like to blend their love for pickleball with social festivities.

Pickleball Day Dinkers Gift Set

Pickleball Day Drinkers Gift Set

For those who appreciate a daytime gathering as much as a pickleball match, the 'Pickleball Day Drinkers' gift set is a delightful choice. It's a great way to celebrate the sport and enjoy some leisure time with friends and fellow players. Each piece in the set celebrates the lighter side of pickleball, making it a wonderful gift for players who love to incorporate their passion for the sport into their everyday relaxation and gatherings.

Pickleball Improves Memory Gift Bundle

Pickleball Cup and Kitchen Towel

The 'Pickleball Improves Memory' gift bundle is a playful and practical set that pickleball players of all levels will appreciate. This set includes a high-quality ceramic mug with the playful phrase 'Playing Pickleball Improves Memory' and a matching kitchen towel. It's a humorous nod to the benefits of the sport, perfect for those who love pickleball and a good chuckle.

Silver Pickleball Wine Stopper and Charms

Silver Pickleball Wine Stopper and Charms

Imagine adding a bit of luxury and fun to your wine nights with our silver pickleball wine stopper and charms. It's a simple, yet clever way to keep your wine fresh and make sure everyone knows which glass is theirs. Perfect for those cozy evenings after a game or just a get-together with friends who love the sport as much as you do.

These gift bundles are specifically tailored for pickleball players, combining practicality with a sense of fun and community spirit. We carefully combined the pieces to create thoughtful and enjoyable gifts for anyone who shares a passion for pickleball!


Need More Ideas?

As we wrap up our guide to the 'Top 12 Fun Pickleball Christmas Gifts,' we hope you've found the perfect items to surprise and delight the pickleball players in your life. These gifts, ranging from functional gear to playful accessories, are designed to enhance their pickleball experience both on and off the court. Remember, the joy of pickleball extends beyond the game—it's about the community, laughter, and memories created along the way. May these Born to Rally pickleball accessories and gifts bring a touch of that spirit into your holiday celebrations.

Happy shopping, and may your holidays be as joyful and energetic as a pickleball match!